Persian Pic 2
IGN : blibbob
Real Name : [REDACTED]
Rank : Vice-President
Nationality : British
Alias's : Blib


One of the original settlers from CJX, who helped colonise Persia after it's transition to being a server. Since early on in the servers history, blibbob has taken a second in command role to persian, even taking over in his place for near 6 months at one point during persians absence to keep the server running.

Blibbob specialises in Art Deco styling in buildings and transportation, whether it be an aircraft carrier or a bus. Blibbob runs the organisation of NewShadowPoint and catalogues the history of the server. Blibbob is known to be no nonsense with noobs, however is friendly if approtched in an appropriate manner.


- Blibbob always carries around a stack of Hyper Bows with enough power to one shot a giant.

- Likes to add secrets to his builds to give depth.

- Used to give tours of the server before it expanded to the point where it was impossible.

- Used to be an officer in the PBI until his term as Vice President, but still often helps with cases.

- Was a Grey Ranger in the Creeper wars.

- Finished a sky scrapper in one hour.

- Constructed the first cart station on server.



"Next time, don't lose your freaking head" -Blibbob


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