An alleyway in Dykes


The City of Dykes was the second borough created to be under the jurisdiction of New Shadow Point. Located West of downtown N.S.P. and south of the Abadan International Airport, it serves as both a harbor for the city as well as middle class housing. The city is based off of Brooklyn, New York, and uses significant inspiration from Grand Theft Auto 4.

The city is separated by the Dykes Bridge which enters the borough around halfway down its length. The bridge is situated between 9th and 10th Street in Downtown N.S.P.

North Dykes

North Dykes is where the scale model of Broker from GTA4 is being built. It will include almost every building from South Broker in the position that it exists in GTA4.

North Dykes is the area closest to the Abadan International Airport. The North-South subway line that runs along the east side of the borough connects directly with the main terminal of the airport. Of the two routes that lead to the airport (One being through Dykes and the other being through downtown N.S.P.) Dykes is often preferred due to its lack of being a toll road.

This part of the city also contains a majority of the ports that service the region. Situated along the East side of the city, the port offers a clear view towards downtown N.S.P. as well.

South Dykes

South Dykes has not yet begun, but is in the planning phase. It will house families of higher wealth and will serve as a transition point between the City of Dykes and Deltasburg.


It is possible to replay the GTA4 mission "Ivan The Not So Terrible" in the city if one finds the right place and uses a speed potion.

Firefly Island in GTA4 has instead been converted into a dump and a harbor due to spacing constraints.

The city name is derived from a variation of Dukes in GTA4. Dykes does not refer to its derogatory definition but instead was chosen due to it being built on top of a body of water.

The Federal Police often undergoes training exercises in the city's many apartment complexes due to it having such tight spaces and blind alleyways.

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City of Dykes [Current]

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