Persian Pic 1.png
IGN : Delta_Who
Real Name : [REDACTED]
Rank : Retired Administrator
Nationality : British
Alias's : Delta I Big D I Subject Delta


Delta is a former Persian World Admin. Formerly a World of Keralis regular, he slowly migrated to the Persian-World after meeting ThePersian on the WOK Server.

Some would consider Delta cheeky and irresponsible, but when the worst comes to worst, Delta is there to make sure the job is done and is there to support any admin in their work.

One of the first people to see Noragi in its bare state and started the foundations for Rich Street, he went on to taking more ambitious projects including the new PBI building and Co-founding Logical Desgins with Celestical. Currently he is now the Lead-planner in Bayview, Co-Founder of Shiraz and Lead-Planner in Noragi. On top of this, he also specialises in a few external projects in N.S.P as well as managing Persia's rail system


Delta's skin is formerly based on a cross between Subject Delta from Bioshock 2 and The Doctor from Doctor Who. He takes a particular fonding to brown suits and bowties. As for his helmet, no-one quite knows what is under that mask, which remains a mystery for many years to come. 


-Delta actually built a secret TARDIS somewhere in the map to server as his portal hub

-He keeps a hacked bow called the "Deltinator". No one knows what attributes have been attached to it... no one has ever lived to tell

-He also keeps a Sonic Screwdriver in his inventory which is just an enchanted Blaze Rod

-He is a big fan of Doctor Who and Bioshock

-Whilst most people go for MyLittlePony, Delta takes a particuarler obssession to Thomas the Tank Engine and TUGS



"Delta? Delta Who?" - Gwynn19

"Surprise Motherfucker!" - Delta_Who

"I Rise Motherfucker!" - Delta_Who in response to Gwynn19

"Boo!" - Delta_Who 

"Thanks for your months of service guys"


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