1. As a developer I gain creditory rights for hosting and maintaing  an efficent server to the demands and needs of ThePersian. This includes an overwritten authority by the current President and Vice President of the Server. All creditory rights for the development of the map go to ThePersian, Blibb0b and respected individuals.

2. As a developer I must provide all resources to the highest authority at any given moment which is the President and Vice President respectively. In case of dire emergency, access to these resources goes to the next default authority in the order (Head of Security, Head Admin, Admins, Head Moderator, Moderators.) If no default authority is present, resources must be provided via online storage for future colleection.

3. As a developer I will not fail to respond to messages given to me by the Highest Authority.

4. As a developer I must surrender and transfer all contact details to the Highest authority and maintain in written contact with the highest authority at all times.

5. As a developer, It is mandatory for me to make constant backups of the server at least once a week to better server and protect the constitution of Persia against its enemies.

6. As a developer I am not expected to keep physical check on the server on a hourly cycle, but I am expected to leave myself availavble for contact in the event of emergencies. This includes the use of Skype.

7. As a developer, I agree to stick to/ base upon the default ranks provided to me. On the server, there will be a minimum of 5 ranks: President, Vice President, Developer, Admin, Mod, Police, Member, N00b

President: Highest Authority which stands as ThePersian

Vice President: Second Highest authority which stands as Blibbob          

Admin: People I designate capable of being admin

Mod: People I designate capable of being a mod

Police: People Mods designate capable of being on the force

Member: An accepted person

N00b: No build rights until accepted

7b. For a n00b to become a member, they must

a) Read the server rules

b) Seem mature

c) Become a member on the website

d) Subscribe to me (and you if u want) if they so desire

8. As a developer I agree to assign attributes that the highest authority so chooses to give to each rank.

9. Tnt, lava, and water must be off for anyone but admins and mods. TNT must be off for ALL. Fire must be placeable but it’s damage must be off

10. By running this server, you will get your name in my videos and you may even be in my videos if our times match up provided i provide information on my desired schedule, timezone, skype and YouTube names.

As a developer, I __________ do promise and swear to serve and protect the constitution of Persia and agree to bind by the contract given to me or so help me god.

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