History of Felize[edit | edit source]

Felize is the newest city on the server. Started collectively as a group, Felize was originaly a scale replica of Cozumel, Mexico. However the idea branched off and became the fictional town it is today. Felize was orginaly a Modern town, however when its previous owner left the server, it was left without an owner, and the majority of the town had to be cleared to make way for what was to come. After a week of zero progress, the town was given to two of the newly promoted senator's on server; jga620 and GoldenGecko99, both senior shipbuilders. with owners assigned, the town thrived, growing before the blink of an eye. the theme also changed, going from modern to a more rustic, Mexican Riviera theme. the buildings there range from a beautiful train station to a modern church, even an avation museum! Even though felize was only founded a few months ago, it is currently the fastest growing city on the server.

Felize Today                           [edit | edit source]

ever since awesome left, it hasnt been the same

Transportation in Felize[edit | edit source]

By: Gwynn19

The only way to get to felize at the moment is through the Astara highway from noragi or Abadan. Also there is a path through bus, which will be diagramed below.

Attractions[edit | edit source]

By: Gwynn19

Cruise ships - various kinds

Aviation Museuem- Built by GoldenGecko99

Food Truck Sector

Port felize

More to come!

Location[edit | edit source]

Getting to and From Felize[edit | edit source]

Getting to felize is cake. Take the highway or bus and you will get there in no time. From felize, take a bus or highway to get to noragi or the server bus station overshadowed by SOVREIGN.

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