First Time Guide to the Server

Hi there and welcome. Now I know you are up and giddy to see the Server/Airport, but there are alot of procedures to get through before we can let you on. Here you'll find everything to guide you to getting onto the server, to actually being on the server.

Step 1. Welcome to Plotworld

Recently we've decided to open up the server to tourists to instead prove themselves before being allowed onto the server. When you first join, you'll be placed on a separate server called Plotworld. Here you will spawn in a room full of rudementry rules and commands you'll need to aquire access to the other world, so read these carefully.


If you decide to stay on and try to gain access to the server via ranking up, use /plotme claim to clain a vacant plot. Then start building. Admins will not review unfinished builds, nor will we review any for of plane/train/car/boat. We are an architectural/city server and we want buildings. Please put some effort into your builds or you will be denied access. Steal stuff and expect to be banned. If you are accepted once your build has been reviewed, you will be promoted by a member of staff and transported into our old spawn building.

Step 2. Accepted and getting onto Persia

If you are accepted and promoted, an admin will spawn you in Sovreign Tower and you'll be presented a room identical to the one below;


As you walk through and follow the Emerald road, be sure to read ALL the rules. We have alot of guidelines and it takes a while to sink in how everything works.


To Exit the rules room, follow the Emerald rule to the gated door. Proceed to step onto the pressure plate downstairs.


The will be another Emerald Road which will end a tourist board for Transport. This will help guide you to various aspects of the server using the transportation system


From here it's up to you what you want do. You can continue with the guide or explore Persia and Astara at your own leisure. Please bare in mind that transportation costs money and each player only spawns with a limited amount. We'll cover economics in another guide.


Part 3 - Finding the Airport Coming Soon

Since most people come on the server just to see the airport, we've written up this guide too. Assuming you are were we left you in Guide 2, find the Airport bus which is shown below. Once you've located it, enter it and stand on the pressure plate.


When you stand on the pressure plate, you should be instantly teleported to the Airport. This is an example of how transportation works. You are now free to explore the airport on your own leisure, just avoid trying to get down to the tarmac.


Part 4 - Finding Noragi (Build world) Coming Soon

Part 5 - Building in Noragi Coming soon

Part 6 - The economy Coming soon

Part 7 - Exploring Persia and Astara

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