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IGN : GoldenGecko99
Real Name : Noah (Go Figure)
Rank : Moderator [Head Shipbuilder]
Nationality : American
Alias's : Gecko

Background He is what some people to believe to be the product of a fish and a lizard. We found Gecko washed up on the shores of Noragi wearing an admirals outfit covered in blood stains, and drunkenly singing sea shantys. After giving him a tour of Noragi and telling him not to build ships, he built a giant motherfucking cruise ship in the middle of town. Nevertheless behind those retarded eyes lies and excellent ship builder and we couldn't think of an excellent pair on our team to build our vast collection of ships.


Gecko can pretty much build anything that floats, from huge cruise liners to advanced modern-day military ships. he has also been sharpening his interior desingn skills by building his home in admin housing over and over again, never satisfied with the outcome. 


-Gecko discovered us after being ship wrecked after running aground. His first mate JGA took a more civilised route by car...

-Don't feed it Jack Daniels

-He has 32 medals on the inside of his jacket.... none of which are his


"The whole diffrence between construction is exactly this: The thing that is constructed can only be loved after it is completed; But a thing created is loved before it exists" `Charles Dickens


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