Persian Pic 15.png
IGN : jga620
Real Name : Joey
Rank : Moderator [Head Shipbuilder]
Nationality : American
Alias's : jga


Jga620 is a moderator on the Persian World Server. He became a moderator in January of 2013 after reuniting with his sea buddy. Jga620 is the Head Ship Builder along with Moderator: Goldengecko99. He has built many ships on the server including the almighty Queen Elizabeth 3 in New Port and many yachts. He can often be seen helping out with projects in New Shadow Point or working on ships in the ship builders yard.


-JGA is scared of sunlight, hence the sunglasses

-Some say he is the distant cousin of Bob the Builder

-Whenever gecko is not around, JGA keeps a pet lizard who is trained in the art of ship building

-We tried shaving his beard, the razor blade broke....



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