Chapter 2: Judicial Rules Article 1: Subsection A: Server Punishments Persian World operates off of a system of rankings involving many different permissions. The

Article 1: Subsection B: Blacklisted Items Blacklisted items are banned in Persia and all worlds under its ownership. Persian World Staff reserve the right to blacklist any item at any time if they prove to create a nuisance or give players an unfair advantage on the server, these items are as follows (however some items may be requested from admins if a valid situation for them arises ie water for a fountain):

TNT Beacon Block Command Block Water Block Water Bucket MonsterBlock
MobEgg Mob Spawner Lava Block Lava Bucket Nether Portal Block Nether Portal
Obsidian Flint and Steel Fire Block End Portal Block End Portal End Portal Frame
Dragon Egg Bedrock Diamond Diamondblock Sponge
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