Persian Pic 4.png
IGN : MajoRPa1N95
Real Name : [REDACTED]
Rank : Administrator [Head of Security]
Nationality : [REDACTED]
Alias's : [REDACTED]


In the words of Blibbob, "Majorpain is one deadly MotherF******." Our current head of security who used to be a former Grey Ranger. For reasons unknown on CJX, Major went missing in action and came back with the head of one of his enemies. He was best described as a volatile insane monster.... he was perfect. And from the creation of Persian-World, he set out to fulfil his oath to Persia, to defend the constitution of Persia, or stick his diamond sword up his ass. You only need to look at Fort Harrison to realise the lengths he went to make sure that the growing threat of Astara was well contained. Fort Harrison was built on the outskirts of Noragi as a reminder to those who dare mess with him.

Nowadays although vigilant, Major enjoys his time improving and controlling the public services of Persia and even befriending Noragi.


-Conspiracy theorists believe that Major built a nuclear silo in collaberation with [REDACTED] someone on the outskirts of [REDACTED]

-When deshaun was discovered as a traitor, major ripped out his skull and beat him to death with it.

-His favourite pasttime is knitting



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