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IGN : matthewcoolguy99
Real Name : Matthew Willis-Hopley
Rank : Moderator 
Nationality : Brittish 
Matty | Mat | Matthew Alan 



You can recognise him via his minecraft skin, this skin consists of a pair of white 3 quarter length trousers with purple linings to the pockets. He has a purple, dark gray and yellow shirt going all the way up to the mouth. The design is of a large purple stripe with two small yellow tram lines, they dark grey surrounds this pattern. The face consists of dark blue eyes and spikey ginger hair, he also has a pair of purple and gray headphones on his head.


Matthew's personality at the best of times is a nice friendly one, always willing to help others and has a great sense of humor. He is nice to you if you are nice back, and does not ever judge anyone by their looks or background. Somtimes Matthew is alittle clumsy and may get a few things wrong but do not fret as Matthew learns from his mistakes. Although cheerful and polite Matthew can sometimes get alittle bit ticked off (however this is infrequent) you would not want to face his wrath because if you do, death can somtimes occur (only joking, not really).

Although he procrastinates quite alot he has a strong will to get things done (but never does) he will see you through any problems you have on the server.

Likes and Interests

Matthew likes a wide range of stuff these are just a few:

-Kingdom Hearts (Although heavily penalised for liking this)

-Proffeser layton

-The legend of Zelda

-Any video game platformer, action RPG or little flash game.

-Junk food :P




-Minecraft (of course)

-Doctor Who

Dreams and Aspirations

Matthew dreams to become a dinnerlady, no I'm kidding, what he really wants is to be an actor. And thats it!


Did you know:

Matthew is actually a sponge!

                                                                                   Matthew wants to become an actress.

                             He calls Round10 Florence.           Favorite song is Simple and clean by Utada Hikaru                                      

He wants to visit Shibuya in japan!                                                              He has a dog named Pippin 

       His grandmother looks like a pinapple.                                    He thinks bad people are NOT OKAY!


                                   He thinks Kingdom Hearts IS OKAY!        

He would rather be a towel than a radiator!                              Death will occur when you face his wrath

                                  He thinks cute animals ARE OKAY                                          He likes rain and storms.

He LOOOVES Disney films!                              He thinks he an artist! 


"Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" -Matt

"Hey Matt" -Blibbob, The Persian, Florence (Round10)

":P" -Matt

"Wait what" -Matt


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