Noragi (NoragiN00bus in Latin) is the capital city of Astara. Home the the guests and builders of the server, it is the starting position of all immigrants who come past the servers ranks.

History of Noragi

First designed as a solution to inviting more guests on the server, Noragi started out as nothing but a simple plot world, with each plot seperated by 2x2 brick pavements. Some of the first settlers to Noragi including early Keralis immigrants. As time grew buy, the area of Noragi was the centre of much controversy and decline. AWildPigeon, the former mayor on Noragi, was booted from his role after several issues, leaving Noragi mayorless for around a year. This ultimetly lead to the downward spiral of Noragi, as its aging road and plot structure could no longer keep to the demands of the new tourists coming through. Density grew to a critical level to the point where unauthorised development began to occur along the outside borders of Noragi.

In late 2012, Delta_Who commisioned a large scale redevelopment of the area to save it from destruction. This included the existance of the main road connecting Noragi through Astara desert. Many builds were squeezed together to create space, whilst pavements were upgraded to stone brick. After a few months, development of Noragi was handed over to Gwynn19, who made quick work of renovating some of the exisitng road structure as well as providing checks against the urban sprawl of Noragi residents. Gwynn19 now currently serves as Noragis Mayor.


Noragi is located towards the South-East Coast of Astara, around 4km East of Shiraz and 6km south of Abadan. Noragi is mainly a coastal region, taking advantage of the high water tables to make use in irrigation and water treatment from the relativly harsh surrounding desert.

Transport and Connections

By car

Noragi is fairly accessible by car. However the onyl way into the city is through the Astara Desert highway (Incomplete)

By Train

Noragi has very good rail links with AstaraRail and Ptrak Railway systems (Incomplete).

By Plane

Noragi is served by Noragi Regional Airport which can be used to access Abadan Airport. It is currently planned to be redeveloped into a major international Airport.

By Boat

Whilst no docks are available yet, Noragi is fairly accessible by boat

Attractive Sights

-Eminem French Cafe

-Rich Street

-Blibbob Memorial Spleef Arena


Planned Works

Noragi is expected to follow one last massive redevlopment.

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