"Persian State is a Minecraft world made by me, ThePersianofAsia (a.k.a ThePersian).Ever since I got Minecraft in September of 2010, I have been working more than I would like to admit on my world. Persian World is my first and only world I play on in Minecraft. It started off as a survival map, but I soon grew tired of monsters and turned it onto peaceful. My buildings were all legit until I came upon INVEdit. I then started creating buildings with hacked materials. What I lost in "legitness" I gained in creativity and detail. Currently, there are 6 towns in Persian State to explore. Each one has a slightly different theme to it. Check them all out in the menu below."




-Persian State Museum



-Random Apartment 1

-Persian State Memorial Hospital

-Persian State International Airport

-Random Beach House 1

-Bank of Persia Headquarters

-Church of Persia

-Persia State Grand Central Station


-Persian State Hotel

-Centre of Minecraftology


-State Park


-State Park

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