History of Shiraz

Shiraz 9Shit-RAzz in Latin] was started in mid 2012 by Celestical and Delta_Who. At first, it really was a shit city because of totally nessesary features like bridges instead of intersections and oddly shaped roads.

After many redos, (4) Shiraz finally was starting to make progress. The 2nd generation of Shiraz can be seen in Persian's 1000 Subsriber Special. By Delta, Delta put Shiraz headed for the city to be based off Manly, Australia, but the idea was later terminated by Celestical as he was put in charge of the project.

The idea of creating Shiraz is due to reasons like Delta loving the city of Manly, us "moderators" wanting to do something good for the server, and as well as contributing to the massive world of Persia to fill it up. Delta later persued the big project of taking on Bayview, the Miami-like city on the server.

The page of Bayview can be viewed here.

Shiraz Today

Shiraz today can be seen as a tropical, lush, pretty little city, with lots of tropical jungle trees, shrubery, and flowers around the city. Shiraz is to be known as the "most expensive place to live", as it will be known as the Entertainment City, with amazing nightlife as well as lots of entertainment.

Shiraz consists of 3 districts, the Lower District, Upper District, and the Entertainment District. The Lower District is also known as the beach district, because of its famous beach. The Upper District, is the commercial and housing district. The Upper District will have lots of houses, as well as commercial buildings. The Entertainment District as you can tell by the name, will be the district with all the nightlife attractions and entertainment centers. Due to the size of Shiraz, however, the buildings will be small - so the theatres, the bowling alleys, and even the swimming pools will all be fairly small to fit in Shiraz.

Homes in Shiraz are small, but believe it or not they are very luxury and open. Homes in Shiraz will cost you alot, but if you do own a house you'll be steps away from beaches and convienent transport to many other cities.

Royal Park, a residental area with 6 large luxurious houses, is new to Shiraz. Royal Park is home to 4 Executive Builders, 1 Advanced Builder, and 1 Congressman, Gwynn19.


Shiraz is located along the South Coast of Persia, and is only a few hundred blocks south of Abadan, D.C. Shiraz is a few hundred blocks west of Noragi, and a few hundred blocks north-east of Bayview.

Transport and Connections

By car, Shiraz is accessable by :

Abadan Shiraz Freeway (incomplete) , Bayview Shiraz Highway (incomplete) aka South Coastal Highway , Astara Desert Highway

By air, Shiraz is accessable by :

Los Diablos International Airport (pending)

By water, Shiraz is accessable by :

Shiraz Ferry Terminal , Vaivatonta Boating Club

By train, Shiraz is accessable by :

PTrak , Astarail (pending)


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