Admin SuggestionsEdit

Page Suggestions: 

  1. "Very major attractions" (lesser buildings including generic and other attractions (chinatown, memorials) will be under the page of the city they are in)
    • Abadan International Airport
    • Noragi Regional Airport
    • Los Diablos Regional/International? Airport [Planned]
    • Sovereign Spawn Tower
  2. Persian World Transportation Lines and Map [Subway, Plane, Train, Bus, Shuttle, Ferry, Cruise] PENDING
  3. Persian World Maps [Highway Map, City Road Map, Regional View Map] PENDING
  4. Server History (do not refer to previous hosts that did not stay (drat, jivaii, etc)) Include major changes in map design PENDING
  5. Fire Departments
  6. Police Agencies
  7. Medical Facilities

User Suggestions in ReviewEdit

- NSP Subway map underway (The full map won't be reproduced untill luke gets dynmap up and abadan is finished)

-Suggestions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 underway (My plan was to place of all the above listed under "Server Information" let me know how you feel about it or a change in icons etc)

-Transport Icons - (5 different pages for Road, buses, Trains, Ferries, Planes) = (5 different pages)

- Builders list naming all of the builders adv and execs

-The completion of the train lines.Ptrack, abadan link, bayveiw rapid transit, los diablos metro and any other train lines(if you already have plz update the wiki) and can you fill in the buses, boats and ferries and planes pages on the wiki as well

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